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Polycore© systems integrate structure and insulation into pre-designed and pre-cut building sections that can be handled without special lifting or placement equipment, while still retaining cost effectiveness for residential and commercial projects. Your project will require less time, less funding, and less hassle and still finish with a high quality and longer lasting structure. Simply put, Polycore© systems are a faster easier, and better way to make your dream project a reality.


Nudura Integrated Building Technology

Insulated Concrete Forms | ICFs | from NUDURA provide design professionals, architects, home owners and contractors a more efficient way to build Insulated Concrete Form structures. Building with icfs allow concrete homes and commercial buildings to be built stronger, more energy efficient, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

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Beaver Plastics

Manufacturer of innovative and quality products in expanded polystyrene. Producer of Logix Insulated Concrete Forms. Manufactures line of quality construction EPS products, including Frost Cushion, Insulworks, Fortruss, Dynavoid and others. Complete product line-up for seedling tray industry including Superblock, Hortiblock, and Ventblock.