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BP Canada (Building Products of Canada) is a premium roofing and building material company that provides high-quality products such as asphalt shingles.

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Mountain BigFoot Barrier

Mountain Bigfoot Barrier is a high-quality low-cost synthetic underlayment tested to the highest standards of ASTM D226 and ICC-ES AC207. With Mountain Bigfoot Barrier you receive the strength and flexibility of a synthetic at a price point comparable to most organic underlayments.

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Impact Fasteners

Impact Fasteners is a premium line of collated and bulk fasteners sold exclusively by Airfast Distributors Ltd. through a North American dealer network. By sourcing the world’s best manufacturers for the highest quality products at competitive prices and coupling that with user-friendly packaging, Impact Fasteners allows retailers to have confidence in the fastening products on their shelves.

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Duraflo has earned an industry-wide reputation for reliable and easy-to-install roof ventilation products, including tall vents, ridge vents, and the industry-leading WeatherPRO series of roof vents. In addition to high-performance roof vents, Duraflo also offers a full product line that includes roof flashings, ridge rolls, exhaust vents, siding accessories, soffits, and gable vents.

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Lomanco Vents

The best return on investment for protecting the longevity of your home is the proper installation of a balanced ventilation system with proven performance. Lomanco Vents provides a complete line of Static Roof Vents from which to choose.



Henry® Company is a leading innovator of Building Envelope Systems® and understands the principles of integrating air/vapor barrier, roofing, and waterproofing systems to ensure superior building performance.