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Fortress Railing Products

Fortress Al13 Aluminum Railing is an innovative, first of its kind, fully pre-welded aluminum railing system.  Distinctly different from aluminum kits, Fortress Al13 is attractive and easy to install with its simple bracket system.  It also has superior performance in strength and safety, which is a unique benefit to a pre-welded system.  Quality welding and DuPont® premium powder coating create a virtually maintenance free system designed for use in a variety of environments.

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Regal Ideas

Regal Railing is the largest selling brand of aluminum railings in North America. The reason is simple – we created a product that is easy to install that lasts a long time with little or no maintenance. Regal Railing is the only code approved system for all jurisdictions in North America. Today Regal Ideas continues to develop innovative new products for the building supply industry that provide better solutions for home owners, developers and builders.