Nelson Lumber Company Ltd.
Nelson Lumber Company Ltd.
Drafting Services

Welcome to Nelson Homes Drafting Services. Offering residential home designs in a company that has been serving Western Canada and parts of the world for 60 years. We offer a wide variety of Nelson standard home plans, which can be modified to reach your individual goals. Our designers will also be able to accurately convey your unique visions with a Custom Home Design. We strive to give your home or building project the attention to detail it deserves. Please contact us to talk about what we can do to help build your dream home.

Design Services


Nelson Homes has skilled designers and drafts-people who will modify your plan or build the custom design of your choice.


Nelson has the capability to panelize large commercial projects. With the efficient building system, framing time and labour are greatly reduced.


Nelson has many years of experience in building packages for multi-unit homes, such as duplexes and four-plexes, care homes and assisted living residences. The panelized system works well for any sized wood-frame building project.


Nelson Home's international distribution includes the USA, as well as shipments to China, Japan, Iceland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, Russia, and Ukraine. Building codes in each area are strictly adhered to.

Roof Trusses

Nelson manufactures engineered roof trusses in state of-the-art truss factories. Drawings are transferred to computerized omni-saws and laser-guided truss jigs, ensuring accurate cuts so component joints fit tightly together with precision.

Floor Systems

Nelson utilizes two types of engineered floor systems: the | Joist and its own Open Web truss design. The open web allows for longer floor spans - up to 22 ft. The web design will minimize floor bounce and makes for a strong, quiet floor. Ductwork can be hidden in the open web design, often eliminating drop downs in basement ceilings.

Complete Packages

The complete home package is designed to make building a new home go smoothly, saving you time and headaches. It is a convenient, one-stop service, where people with years of experience handle all the major details. The package consists of everything you need to get your home to secure lock-up stage and beyond, including roof, floor and wall systems, exterior finish, windows, doors and more.

Quality Lumber

Nelson Homes uses only top grade, Canadian, kiln dried lumber, selected directly from lumber mills. Factory workers keep an eye out for imperfections and reject any lumber that doesn't adhere to Nelson's strict standards. Experienced purchasers research windows, doors and other materials, ensuring that you get the best value and most innovative products from reputable suppliers who stand behind their products.

Panelized Walls

Made-to-measure exterior and interior wall panels are built using only top-grade lumber. Panels come in pre-built sections, using only top grade lumber, have framed-in window and door openings, and OSB sheathing applied - ensuring quick framing time, lower labour cost and less material waste. Components are numbered and cross-referenced with the blueprints for quick assembly at your job site.


You'll get a guaranteed delivery date, which makes for efficient scheduling of contractors. Custom drop-deck and enclosed trailers are used for shipping to conventional building sites. For remote areas, materials packages are delivered by barge, train, helicopter or Hercules transport plane. Home packages for overseas are shipped in large container vessels.

Nelson Lumber provides one of the best price guarantees in the industry, and is the leading supplier of commercial and residential building supplies for renovations and new home constructions for home builders in the Edmonton, Grande Prairie, and surround Alberta Areas. We design and offer top quality climate controlled manufacturing of custom pre manufactured wall panels & systems, roof and floor trusses, stairs, and customized prefab solutions for the most cost effective time saving house construction. We are your full service builder suppliers of foundations, professional tools and hardware, insulation, energy efficient doors & windows, drywall, luxury trim & moulding, shelving, railings, siding & shingles, and complete lines of interior and exterior finishing products.