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Nelson Lumber Company Ltd.

Blow In - Cellulose (Weathershield)

Weathershield ™ is a fibrous loose fill thermal / acoustical type of insulation made from selected recycled paper stock blended with appropriate additives to provide resistance to fire, fungi, corrosion and pests. Weathershield ™ is designed to be pneumatically placed using a blowing machine and delivery hose, Weathershield ™ can also be spray applied or even hand-poured in certain applications. Machine application is best, ensuring the product is properly conditioned and placed in the most efficient and economical manner. Weathershield ™ provides both high R-Value and resistance to airleakage.


Blow-In - Fiberglass

Many attics and wall cavities contain spaces which are difficult to insulate because of their shape or size, or simply because they're out of reach. Attempts to insulate these kinds of spaces often leave gaps which reduce R-value and increase monthly energy bills. Blown-in insulation is the perfect solution to this common problem — hard to reach areas present no problem, and small and non-conforming spaces can be quickly and effectively filled, leaving no gaps.


Owens Corning - ProPink

Owens Corning batts, rolls and loosefill insulation combine with the latest in air sealing, moisture management and sustainable building science to help you offer every customer Complete Energy Performance.


Batts - Roxul

Roxul ComfortBatt ™ is a stone wool insulation products for use in both new residential construction and renovations. This semi-rigid batt has a unique flexible edge designed to compress as the batt is inserted into walls, attics, ceiling and floor frames. The flexible edge springs back, expanding the batt against the frame studs to give a complete fill. ComfortBatt ™ compensates for normal variations in stud centres caused by distortion or warping. The special flexible characteristic at the insulation edge ensures the expected R-value is achieved.


Rigid - DOW

Rigid foam insulation from Dow is highly valued for a wide range of applications, from insulating buildings and geotechnical installations to enhancing thermal efficiency of panel and composite materials.


Froth Pak - DOW

FROTH-PAK ™ Foam Sealant is a two-component, quick-cure polyurethane foam that fills cavities, penetrations, cracks and expansion joints. FROTH-PAK ™ Foam Sealant can also be used as a sealant and void fill in many roofing applications. FROTH-PAK ™ is a chemically cured foam, which significantly reduces curing time. FROTH-PAK ™ dispenses, expands and becomes tack-free in seconds. It skins over in 30-40 seconds and completely cures in minutes, depending on temperature.


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