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NUDURA forms are manufactured with industry leading patented technologies that are exclusive to NUDURA, offering you more than just a home. Our full line of products are designed to complement each other to make your home eco-friendly and to provide superior energy efficiency, greater comfort and safety. Our building envelope provides an affordable eco-friendly building solution that offers substantial benefits over traditional construction.



What makes NUDURA different? 

DURALOK Technology™ - securely locks forms into place with a tripple tooth interlock and continuous full height-fastening strips. Once the forms are stacked tother the wall becomes one unit, making it the strongest in the industry. The result is greater installation efficiencies during concrete placement.

DURAFOLD Technology™ - allows the entire NUDURA form line up to be shipped flat, saving up to 40% of the shipping cost, and is packaged securely to protect the transport of the product to the site. Once on-site, contractors simply unfold and stack.

DURAMAX Technology™ - Largest standard form on the market measuring 96” x 18” (2438 x 457 mm). Our 96” form creates 60% fewer

4-WAY REVERSIBLE System - Reduces waste, allowing your builder to minimize the amount of waste sent to our landfills after construction is




NUDURA building envelope.

At NUDURA we understand the importance of a fully integrated building envelope. When you combine our Ceiling and Floor Technology with our reinforced concrete Wall System you can increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, while providing a beautiful living environment.

      NUDURA® Wall System

Completes 6 building steps with 1 product:

  1. Form system         4. Air barrier
  2. Wall structure        5. Vapor barrier
  3. Insulation              6. Interior/exterior finish anchorage


NUDURA’s form line up includes: 90°, 45°, Radius, T-Forms, Brick Ledges, Taper Tops, Standard (straight) forms, and more. Available in 4” (100 mm), 6” (150 mm), 8” (200 mm), 10” (250 mm), and 12” (300 mm) concrete core widths.


Ceiling Technology

  • Reduces air filtration efficiently.
  • Used in a double layer, it further reduces thermal bridging, increasing energy efficiency and comfort.
  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam does not contain CFC’s or HCFC’s.


Floor Technology

The floor of a building is often the most ignored surface when it comes to insulation. The floor of your home, when insulated with NUDURA® Floor Technology, completes the building envelope and increases your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. NUDURA® Floor Technology provides:

  • A cost effective layer of protection against heat transfer to the ground.
  • An effective base for radiant floor heating.


NUDURA concrete home finish options are virtually limitless.

NUDURA can have a variety of wall finishes applied to your desired look and style.  When it comes to the interiro of your home, comfort and style are key.  Interiro finishes of a NUDURA home are no different than traditional stick frame homes.  Drywall or Gypsum board can be easily attached directly to NUDURA wall system using our unique fastening strip located on 8" centers, versus traditional stick frame methods that are on 16" centers.


Exterior Finishes Example

 Brick   Vinyl   Stucco  Stone   Wood







Nelson Lumber provides one of the best price guarantees in the industry, and is the leading supplier of commercial and residential building supplies for renovations and new home constructions for home builders in the Edmonton, Grande Prairie, and surround Alberta Areas. We design and offer top quality climate controlled manufacturing of custom pre manufactured wall panels & systems, roof and floor trusses, stairs, and customized prefab solutions for the most cost effective time saving house construction. We are your full service builder suppliers of foundations, professional tools and hardware, insulation, energy efficient doors & windows, drywall, luxury trim & moulding, shelving, railings, siding & shingles, and complete lines of interior and exterior finishing products.